Bullet Journal 2019 – October

Happy Halloween! Wait … No, not yet. Happy October!

Even though I love October, I’m a little bit sad that one third of the autumn months has already come and gone. I still feel like autumn is only just starting, and at the same time it’s rushing by too quickly to hold on to and properly enjoy as much as I would like to.

However, the most autumny month of all the autumn months is starting today with its leaves turning bright orange, yellow and red, pumpkins everywhere and Halloween vibes going on with black crows and morning fogs and scary books to read.

I just had to do my bujo pages for October around that theme. I just had to.

I’ve found that I keep forgetting which day it is, especially because I often have to fill in the trackers for the last couple of days as I keep forgetting to put stuff into my journal, too! Having a little calendar of the month helps a lot.

Have I mentioned that I love this font? I love this font so much!

I also love pumpkins. Okay, you already knew that 🎃

Soo … guess what the mood tracker will be?

Did you say pumpkins? Congratulations! 100 pumpkin points for you!