Bullet Journal 2019 – August

August used to be my favourite month of the year as a child. Why? Simple: My birthday is in August! Summer school holidays also almost always covered at least a few weeks of August, which means that I only had my birthday on a school day twice in 13 years of school. Perfect!

I’ve been reading a couple YA summer novels lately, because I want to go back to enjoying summer a little bit more. Nowadays, it’s my least favourite season, and it feels like something I have to endure to finally, finally, get to my beloved autumn.

The books made me remember how summer used to feel when I was in school, and they made me remember the things I loved about it: Feeling free (no school), staying up late, enjoying the warm summer nights, picking berries in the garden, eating ice cream, swimming, cycling, having a BBQ.

This summer, I tried to focus on those little things that reminded me of my childhood love for the season instead of hating the heat and the wasps and the mosquitos: the smell of sunscreen, blowing a dandelions, eating ice cream, not having cold feet, thunderstorms, the smell of rain on the hot pavement, sitting on the balcony late at night, eating red berries and water melons, and watching the stunning sunsets from our living room window.