My Etsy shop

Even though I’ve had my little online shop for a few years now, I’ve never really talked about it on my blog. Last year I had to move the shop from DaWanda to Etsy as DaWanda closed down, and it’s doing great over there! In this post, I just want to show you guys a few pics of the stuff I make and the material I use.

Most of the jewellery I make is made with cabochons, the little glass nuggets. They’re either painted with nail polish at the bottom (a sheer endless source of colours and effects like glitter or metallic sheen!) or are glued on top of paper. I have a huge stock of cute patterns, especially Christmas and autumn themed.

Here are a few pics of the jewellery that’s currently in my shop:

And here are some of the Christmas cards that will be back in the shop in November in addition to all the new ones that I’m going to make 🤶🏻

Recently, I found a new material to work with: leather. I’m currently busy making leather earrings ❤️ I’m still trying to figure out the best settings for my plotter, though. Some pieces work very well, others come out a real mess 😕 However, I’m totally in love with the gold-and-blue combination! 🧡💙

Finally, here’s what the packaging looks like and what I send with each order. Whether I send it in a small box or a padded envelope depends on the kind of jewellery: Ear studs can easily be bent if the envelope isn’t handled carefully during delivery, so I send them securely wrapped in a sturdy box while less fragile jewellery like rings and necklaces can be send in the small padded envelopes without a problem.

To visit my Etsy shop, click on the link in the menu bar on this website or here. Please contact me if you have special requests or live outside of Germany. I currently only offer shipping to Germany if you buy something through my Etsy shop, but I’m sure we can figure something out! 🤗