Yay, autumn! – Seasonal Pencil Holders

Today is the 22nd September which marks the calendrical beginning of autumn - the bestest season of all the seasons!

🍁 Happy Autumn, Everyone! πŸ

The weather has been pretty autumnal for a couple of weeks now, and in contrast to all the people complaining about the rain, I just love it. I can't wait for the trees to turn red and yellow and orange, for forest trips and collecting chestnuts (hopefully without boars this time), hot chocolate, pumpkin dishes, PΓ€lzer Zwiwwelkuche and Noie Woi, knitted tights, legwarmers, boots, leather jackets, foggy mornings and autumn storms.

I've already autumn-ed up my flat with loads of new decoration. Doing that, I also exchanged the paper on my seasonal pencil holders.

'Lovesong' by Jack's Basement
Homepage: http://www.pollytwood.com

(I came across the idea here, but I wanted to go more seasonal with the paper. By using magnets, I can change the paper in autumn or for Christmas without destroying the flowery one and thus be able to use it again next spring :))

Also, tumblr recently sent me their best wishes for my account having its first anniversary. I can't believe that Karamellkastanie has been out there for a whole year now. I know, having a job is kind of a time thief, but I'm confident that there will be a lot of posts during autumn and winter :)