Starlight Lamps

I have been wanting to make these lamps for ten years. Yep, ten years. Alright, maybe eight or nine, but that's almost ten, anyway. The lamps are a combination of things I love: tiny lights, stars, crafting and Southern Comfort (also known as "Sassan" for a short period of my life, but that's another story).

Since I had moved out of my parents' house, the cans had been stored away in the basement, acquiring a nice coat of dust, biding their time. This autumn, it finally came. I can't believe it took me so long to make it, especially because it's so very quick and easy!

This is what you need:

  • a pretty can of your choosing

  • a drill

  • LED fairy lights with batteries (don't use any other fairy lights but LEDs because they don't radiate heat)

  • double-faced adhesive tape (or any glue that works with the materials)

Put the can on a save work space and carefully drill in holes. I used two different sizes of drills. Be careful with the holes: The edges, especially on the inside of the can, are very sharp!

Stick/glue the battery box of the fairy lights to the lid of the can. Take care that you are still able to both use the switch and open the box to change batteries.

You could simply throw the fairy lights into the can. However, you would always have to reach inside to turn on the light, which is really dangerous because of the sharp edges I mentioned before.

Put the lid back on - and you're done!

The pictures really cannot do justice to the beautiful light...