Nail Polish Shelves

Okay, yes, I've got a few bottles of nail polish. Since I made this video, I've bought about ten new ones because KIKO is my nail polish heaven and I had to replace a couple of cheap ones that really sucked but still wanted to have those colours and DON'T JUDGE ME. Everybody's allowed one stereotypical weakness, right? So that's mine. Girlish and everything. Nail polishes. 

Then one day I came across an old Setzkasten in my dad's basement and at once knew that this was the perfect solution. It was too small, however, and of oldfashioned dark brown wood. I wanted something white to focus on the colours of the polishes. After a bit of research, I found a couple of YouTube tutorials. Even though I didn't like the look of those, I'm grateful for the hint of which material to use. Unfortunately, I have no f*cking clue what Leichtschaumplatten are called in English. It's hard foam in the inside and paper on the outside, and you can find it wherever you can buy architectural stuff. I've bought mine here, two boards à 70cm*100cm*0,5cm. My box is 50cm*71cm.

'Thema' by Mann mit Hund