Glittery Vodka Bottle

My best friend has been collecting Absolut Vodka bottles for years and has got himself apretty large collection by now. Pretty and large.

One day he showed me the picture of a bottle that the girlfriend of a fellow collector had made: a classic Absolut bottle completely covered with rhinestones; blue ones for the blue writing, tiny black ones for the subtitle and the rest of the bottle covered with clear stones.

Ever since, I wanted to make such a bottle for him, but I never got round to actually doing it. One reason was that I couldn't find that many rhinestones for a decent price, the other reason was, I admit it, that I knew this would take an awful lot of time to make. I probably wouldn't have minded, though, because I love him and I love making stuff for people I love, knowing that they will love that stuff in turn, but as I simply couldn't find the material I needed, I decided to make something different.

In the depths of my crafting drawers, there had been slumbering a box of silver glitter for at least 15 years. I remember buying it when I was a child, maybe in 5th or 6th grade, to decorate greeting cards only to realise that glitter is MESSY! Everybody who has ever opened a box of glitter knows what I mean. A couple of months ago, I read a very fitting quote on my favourite blog:

Glitter is the Herpes of Craft Supplies

This couldn't be more true.

Anyway, after almost two decades, the time had come to finally use that stuff. Besides the glitter, I used:

  • spray adhesive

  • clear varnish

  • tiny black beads

  • blue glitter glue

The most important things are probably:

  1. Go OUTSIDE.

  2. Wear clothes you would also wear for painting rooms.

  3. Mentally accept that you will glitter for the next week no matter how much you shower.


  1. Spread a table with old newspapers and lay the bottle on it. Stop it from rolling around with a pen.

  2. Spray the surface of the bottle with glue.

  3. Cover the glue with glitter.

  4. Turn the bottle.

  5. Repeat. You should reuse the glitter that has fallen off the bottle when turning it.

  6. When you're done and the bottle (and your hands) is covered completely with glitter, put the bottle upright onto the table and cover it with varnish.

  7. Rewrite the blue ABSOLUT VODKA writing with blue glitter glue.

  8. Instead of the black 'Country of Sweden' I wrote the name of my friend with tiny black beads (which was a hell of a long, tedious work, especially because afterwards that evil glitter creeped onto the beads and I had to do it almost completely over again).

  9. Give it a last hearty varnish so that (hopefully, hopefully) you can later touch the bottle without getting glittery fingers all over.