Gift Card Box

Recently, I got a new kitchen. Whereas 'new' means new for me because the kitchen furniture is kind of a family heirloom but without deaths. My mother bought it about 12 years ago and also took it along when moving.

After that, my sister got it when she moved out. When she moved again, she also took the kitchen with her. However, when she moved in together with her boyfriend this year, they bought a new kitchen and this is when it was my turn to give the kitchen a new home :)

Everybody who ever visited me and saw my old kitchen can probably imagine how happy I am: about five times more storage space, bigger fridge, bigger freezer, new sink, four instead of only two hobs and an actual oven! I was immediately imagining all the beautiful dishes and cakes I would make in there.

So when I was pondering about what to give my mother for Mother's Day, it came to me at once: A gift card for a three-course candlelight dinner!

However great gift cards are, though, they tend to look a bit... unimpressive. Not like a real gift. Personally, I couldn't be happier than when receiving an amazon gift cards, but still I wanted to make my mother's gift card a little bit more special. More personal, too.

Okay, nuff said. Here's what I did:

I covered an empty Milka box with beautiful crafting paper and glued a flowery string to the inside of the lid and the inside of the front. Then I cut out three circles on which I wrote the text and put them on the string. Well, you can see all that in the picture ;) I think it's pretty self-explanatory, but if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask!