Advent Calendar Village

This is by far the most beautiful but also most difficult advent calendar I've ever made - but it's also a lot of fun! Turn on some Christmas music to get into the mood (which you might already be because come on, November is almost December, and the shops have been full of Christmas stuff since September, anyway), make yourself a nice cup of your preferred hot beverage and get cracking!

You need:

  • white/beige, red, green and brown crafting paper

  • transparent paper

  • a canvas

  • LED fairy lights

  • structure paste

  • white cotton balls

  • snow spray

  • (chalkboard paint)

'Bird in a Cage' by Tu Amore

Here are the exact measurements for the church and the Christmas fair stalls:

If you want to fill the houses (which you probably want because this is an advent calendar), either don't glue them to the canvas or don't glue the roofs to the houses. Also make sure to use LED fairy lights that don't emit heat, or else the chocolates will melt or the whole village will burn down (and with it your own house and your family, so please be safe and stay with the calendar as long as the fairy lights are on).