Pink Chocolate Cupcakes for Valentine's Day

I'm not really into Valentine's Day, although I get quite annoyed when people complain about it being a "modern" American holiday, invented to make people buy even more stuff. It's not.

I think the core meaning is beautiful, and it's up to every person as an individual to celebrate it to their liking – or not at all. So stop complaining about being forced to do something you don't like: just don't do it or change it to something you can relate to.

As for those who like a bit of cute kitsch romance every now and then, here are some pink muffins. Enjoy!


  • 200 g wheat flour

  • 75 g starch

  • 2 level tsp baking powder

  • 75 g sugar

  • 8 g vanilla sugar

  • 4 eggs

  • 175 g (soft) butter

  • 75 g chocolate drops or flakes

  • 100 g white chocolate

160°C / 25min


'Farewell' by Alan Stewart